The company BINAL International Transport Sabina Lenošek s.e. was established in April 2001 and has been successful due to its modern, innovative and knowledgeable solutions in the markets of Slovenia and abroad.

In order to gain worldwide recognition, we restructured the existing company to BINAL transport Ltd. on the 1st of January 2007.

The company BINAL is a reliable business partner which is able to provide all kinds of logistic services for you. In the shortest time possible, you will be delivered all kinds of cargo to wherever you need it in the world, including Europe, America, Asia, etc. The company cooperates with numerous reliable carriers, transport operators and freight forwarders from Slovenia and other foreign countries It also has its own trucks and vans of different dimensions and loading capacity. The transport means the fulfilment of all international traffic standards and the CMR convention. The company does not only offer deliveries of entire and partial shipments or cargo but also provides its clients with the benefit of trailer sharing to and from the following countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, etc. Moreover, the company is able to deliver cargo and goods transported by air or sea.

The company is well known for its quality, precision, and convenient prices.


NEW! Our new services include the possibility of storing and transshipping of your goods.
Our r covered and racked storage facility offers 500 pallet places, as well as an outdoor storage area of 2000 m2.

Storing and transshipping


Due ot our reliable and fair work performance, we have been awarded by the following certificates:
  • the Excellent certificate, which was issued by the COFACE credit rating agency pf Slovenia based on our credit rating,
  • the Certificate of Excellence, which shows that we are one of the 1.61% of the top businesses in Slovenia and that we have obtained the highest credit rating of AAA.



Long company name:
BINAL TRANSPORT storitve transporta in logistike d.o.o.
Parižlje 58
3000 3314 Braslovče
The company is registered at the regional Court of Celje
File number:
Primary activity:
60.240 - road transport of cargo in road transport
Initial capital:
575.116 €
Registration number:

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