Continental transport

Continental transport

The company BINAL provides a variety of logistic services. It is able to receive and deliver all kinds of goods of different dimensions and load capacities using their own transport vehicles or hired contract partners' vehicles. A wide nework of carriers does not only enable to organise deliveries of the whole and partial shipments but it also offers our clients to benefit from trailer sharing which has become our top priority. Partial shipments are loaded directly on trucks, without any additional manipulations which causes lower transport costs and shorter time service. We deliver shipments on a daily basis from and to different Ueropean countries and many other parts of the worlds.
Storing and transshipping

Storing and transshipping

NEW! Our new services include the possibility of storing and transshipping of your goods.
Our r covered and racked storage facility offers 500 pallet places, as well as an outdoor storage area of 2.

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The company BINAL International Transport Sabina Lenošek s.e. was established in April 2001 and has been successful due to its modern, innovative and knowledgeable solutions in the markets of Slovenia and abroad. In order to gain worldwide recognition, we restructured the existing company to BINAL transport Ltd. on the 1st of January 2007.
Binal transport Ltd.
BINAL transport Ltd.
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